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29 March 2013 @ 05:26 am
Hey everyone!

X-X  It's been so long.  Wow, I can't apologize enough to my friends and those of you still following my fanfiction.  But you know, life and such.  I log in to check on everyone and found out the Amarissia is having major surgery!  My Gaia, I hope all goes smoothly for you.  Sending very positive and non-Hojo filled thoughts your way.  As for my fanfics, three are currently underway.  I just got a beta reader to keep me on track and she is doing a great job!

I am going to do Anxious Heart first, my time travel with a twist SephyxCloud one.

Fleeting Moon is second.

And What Lies Within last.

And if you haven't read any of it, here is where you can find it.


I chose that order by the interest in which the readers showed.  I also have a fourth in its infant stages that will be worked on -secretly- when I am not writing on my other ones.  It's mainly a SephyxCloud one, but it is also a AxSxGxZxC one. O_o  Mpreg too!  I've only seen Sukunami pull that off well.  Here's hoping that I will be able to do the same!  Also, I am interested!  Would Sephiroth and Cloud's child be a boy or a girl?  XD

05 November 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Hey everyone!

Don't be worried if you don't remember me, because I've been gone for a very long time. ^^; I've been thinking of doing a SephirothxCloud fanfic that's a cross over between the cult game Galarians. Never heard of it? There are parallels between them that are perfect for a crossover. I don't usually do crossovers... But seeing as I'm only using things from the game and none of the characters, I think it's more of an AU to be honest.

Here are the things in common between the two games:

Human Experimentation
Mind fuckery
Silver men with a fetish for leather and a mommy complex
Mommy with god-like aspirations
Creepy doctors

Here's a video clip if you are interested in Galarians. Another thing, if you want to see two guys kissing for real in a video game, TWICE ( no mistake there) then check out Galarians:Ash.

Tell me your thoughts if you are interested! As always, Amarissia, I'm interested in what you think as well. ^-^
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04 January 2010 @ 03:00 pm
Love yaoi? Want to see Sensitive Pornograph or No Money! ? I was brousing the net and found this, which I'm inclined to share. <3


Using VLC Player might be the best bet with .avi files.

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01 January 2010 @ 01:35 pm
Just wanted to write my 2010 New Years Resolutions.

-Become a healthier person/lose weight

-Finish reading the Bible/grow in Christ

-Become a better artist

-Get Medicaid
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29 November 2009 @ 10:11 pm

Just sharing. XD Hope you like it!

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27 November 2009 @ 08:54 pm
It's the BeyondxLawliet fic I hinted on doing! Here's the link!

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25 November 2009 @ 07:55 pm

It's been awhile! O.o;; And thats totally my fault! Lately I've been trying to improve my drawing, RPing as L with Anna and playing video games. Nothing exciting. x.x Right now, I'm obsessed with the BeyondxL Lawliet pairing. And Anna plays B so well. <3 I really want to do a pet/master relationship fic with them, because the pairing is just tailored for it! <3

Let me tell you, having five men in your head is dangerous for everyday life. When you burst out laughing in the middle of a supermarket, you have passed the point of no return with your muses. Currently L Lawliet, Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Beyond Birthday and Squall Leonhart have residence in my head. I keep my Beyond in a cage though. Lol.

Give me a shout if you're still there! and you don't hate me for being gone so long...

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26 May 2009 @ 09:03 pm
Hey all,

Yes, twenty two years old with the mentality of a fifteen year old...  I don't think I'll ever get over that developmental hertle.  Anyways, cake is good and wasn't a lie.  XD  I had to go get my own cake, though, which sort of sucked.  Also!


Echelon-  First chapter in the works.

Crimson Reverie-  Chapter two in progress.

Conundrum-  Chapter two in progress.

Fleeting Moon and What Lies Within are on hiatus because of my Death Note obsession.

Echelon is the sequel to Regression, which is complete.  Crimson Reverie is B/L, basically 'have sex with me until you like it and can't live without me' vampire!  Fic.  And Conundrum still doesn't have a plot, its just an excuse to see Light and Lawliet boink.

I also recommend The World Ends With You to anyone who likes Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.  I picked it up with hesitation and haven't regretted it.  It takes place in Shibuya, Japan and basically you have seven days to complete missions or you will be erased.  The entire game uses the touch screen and the battle system is original and engaging.  I mean, come on!  You fight with pins!  As in, the pins you get from anime convention and pin to your laptop case!  That is awesome! 

Something I wouldn't think of.

And the characters are a mix of what has already worked.  Neku is the emo spiky haired protagonist that is a fusion of Cloud and Sora.  Joshua looks like Near's cousin (he even does the twirling in his hair thing!)  Beat looks like a blue eyed Seifer from Kingdom Hearts 2 and acts like him too.  Rhyme is a little sweetheart and Shiki is basically the older Kairi.  So there you go!  Go pick it up and marvel at how in depth it actually is!  XD

Take care!

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Hey all,

Speaking of the government, I mean the US one, not any others.  XD  Got to remember this is the world wide web...  Obama gave a speech at a random highschool's graduation basically saying "don't shoot for your dreams, just make sure to work and help those less fortunate than yourselves."  He is also going around to every country and apoligizing...  In Iran, he said "sorry for being a bully..." 


WTF?!  I know the United States as a whole does not have a good history and we have this high-nosed attitude that has been bred into us that we are the best country in the world, but come on!  Do not go to a hostile military county that hates you and roll over like a kicked puppy!  As of this point, I am the Rachael Yaoi and Gaming Government, anything that Obama does from this point on doesn't concern me because I'm too busy playing games and enjoying mansex.


Speaking of games...

Here is a rundown of my current gaming atmosphere.

Crono Trigger for the DS:  Two thumbs up.  I started playing the SNES version and then stopped for some reason.  I am really liking this classic RPG on my handheld.  By the way, don't even bother with the DSI, it's not worth it, stick to your Lites.

The Last Remnant for the PC:  Square Enix has let me down!  They slapped the XBOX 360 game onto the PC without doing a thing!  So whenever I get a tip or tutorial, its with the xbox controller instructions... >.<  Also, my laptop (which can run fallout 3 smoothly) can't handle this game because there is no option to twick the setting for a computer.  The game runs slow, the controls and camera angles haven't been touched, so all in all, this game is a flop for the PC.  It has potential, it's like Star Ocean mixed with Final Fantasy and the storyline is endearing.  The names are even as to be expected.  Rush Sykes!  Rush!  You can feel better now, Cloud.

The Sims 3:  This game has not been released yet, but to say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement.  At first, when hearing they were releasing the third game, I was blaise about it, expecting it to be like an expansion pack.  When looking at the main site, I realized that I was very wrong.  They had taken customization to the next level with the sims.  Instead of picking a preset eye color, there is a color wheel and with the hair, the color wheel comes into play again, but you can color the roots, tips, and main style as you see fit.  And instead of placing dots on the scales to Slob and Neat, there are 70 different personality options to choose from.  You can be a playful kleptomaniac (Reno anyone?) or a romantic evil genius.  That had me sold there, but you can also color and customize almost anything (clothing, furniture, walls) without the aid of ModtheSims.


I already have this game preordered and paid in full.  I can't wait to make pretty men and have them be gay together.  Not to mention I can be evil without playing outside of the game's rules.  Like walling a sim in a 4x4 sqaure until they make a pretty gravestone  So needless to say, I have something to be excited about.  I'm more excited about the release than my birthday and cake is a very good thing.

My spirits are higher thanks to video game therapy.  Despite the Remnant... :glares at Square Enix:

Take care,

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